It's Time For Change

It's Time For Change

Paris, Arkansas is my home. I have lived here for twelve years.

I'm a mother, attorney, and member of the Chamber of Commerce.

I have run my own law firm, Anteski Law Firm, since 2012.

I am honored to be the Democratic Candidate for Representative of District 74.

I will fight to save existing jobs. 

I will work to bring good-paying jobs to the area.

I know that working families need affordable childcare and that when our children graduate high school they should have the skills they need to join the workforce or pursue their college education and lead happy, fulfilling lives.  

I know that this means we need to support families at all stages of life.

I know from experience that it is hard climbing up the ladder to move from one place in your life to another.  I know that once we get to where we want to be that we have a duty to reach back and help others on their climb as they move up the ladder to success.

I promise to work with constituents to promote attaining G.E.D.’s and tutoring for E.S.L.

I have plans for a tree planting and wildflower project to help local farmers and fight climate change.

I will not forget our Seniors. I will look for ways to enrich their lives and address the needs of Senior Centers.

I will duplicate what leaders of other states are doing to save the lives of diabetics by sponsoring legislation to put caps on the costs of life saving medication such as insulin.

I will work to ensure that Logan, Franklin, Scott, and Sebastian counties aren’t left behind and instead lead the way forward.

I am June for Arkansas.

I appreciate your support.

District 74 spans Logan, Franklin, Scott, and Sebastian Counties

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